KIMFAB inc. is owned and operated by John Hudrlik for the purpose of providing

small operations with engineering and products to begin or further their quest to bring the next

earth shattering product to market.


I have been in the computer - electronics field for 44 years and hold a First Class FCC license

with a radar endorsement and a NARTE Class 1 Engineer Certification with a Master Endorsement.

I obtained a PhD in robotics from Canterbury University in England in 1996


I am a retired telephone engineer (I even have my own hat) and have run KIMFAB through

the years as a means of satisfying my mechanical and electronic interests.


KIMFAB is currently concentrating on precision fabricated parts and short run metal stamping with a

Product line of faceplates for plug in electronic components, a dimmer module for experimental aircraft,

and a custom novelty item along with other pursuits.


I am always looking for interesting things to build and have made many one of a kind items, some of

which will show up on these pages (hopefully) and unfortunately a few (for various reasons) will not.


If you have an idea that you would like to try and are tired of the runaround and high startup costs associated

with dealing with a large shop give me a try. If it is interesting enough I can help you build and market it.