After 20 years the wife felt that we needed an upgrade in our living quarters. I had just sold my internet service and figured it would be easier to swap houses than to upgrade the existing unit.

           We moved our old doublewide to the back property for use as a rental, prepared a foundation and moved in a new modular built to our specs.

Remporch.jpg (230421 bytes)

Removal of the deck by Freddy our German exchange student.


Readytgo.jpg (229501 bytes)

Ready to move out.

Lifthse.jpg (259546 bytes)

Hook up neighbors tractor.

Rndcor.jpg (211011 bytes)

Coming round the bend.

Hafhse.jpg (70807 bytes)

Park it here and get the other one.


Dcp00356.jpg (295524 bytes)

Pouring the footings

Dcp00358.jpg (172851 bytes)

This is how I wrecked my back.

Dcp00362.jpg (162030 bytes)

Freddy making rerod stands

Setting up ground rod

Finished footing


Dcp00366.jpg (276219 bytes)

First half moved in.

Dcp00365.jpg (204789 bytes)

Second half

Dcp00370.jpg (247540 bytes)

Moving halves together

05280034.jpg (401360 bytes)

Finish laying blocks and done.

Blockwork done and deck added.

When my mom's second husband died his kids told her she would have to leave. I told her to come out here from Minnesota and stay with us. We had to free up an extra bedroom so we decided to build an external office.      

Foundation set.

Setting the first walls

My son putting in a window

Setting the first rafter

Making up the ridgeboard


Setting the ridgeboard

Getting everything straight

Putting on the roof.

I'm directing traffic

My brother the electrical expert.

My other brother

Thats old mom directing


First coat of paint. The wife loves

to catch me like this.

Putting on texture.

Finished international hdqr.

Daughter and Husband

Showing some attitude.