One of my clients is Hanna Tool (check the link on my page) and he offered me a good deal on this Shizouka AN-S

I wanted it but I let it slide because it was too big for my shops. He sold it and the buyer, after messing up the control, defaulted.

He then gave me a screaming deal I couldn't pass up. Had to put the machine in storage till I could build a shop to house it (later story)


After building the new shop (18.5X32 because of county idiocy on anything over 600 sq ft) it got moved to the new location.


After minor cleanup it got moved inside to its final spot where final cleanup and testing began.

Here is the start of the cleanup and disassembly. I had already removed the Bandit box and the servos.

The control box (lower middle) had to be sectioned and made deeper to accomodate the new electronics.


Here is the old Bandit box. At first I had entertained the idea of redoing it but on closer inspection, with the old TTL logic and syncro resolvers, I figured

that was too much work to end up with an old, obsolete control. I also had some work coming in that would benefit from the capabilities of a CNC

so I decided to adapt this over to a new Shadow control. Len at Shadow was more than cooperative and we got this up and running with only a few glitches.

I found that Quantum Devices in Wisconsin had an encoder that is mechanically identical to the old size 11 resolvers so it made the upgrade a bolt in installation.

Here is a shot of the preliminary control box. I ended up putting the drive cards in the Shadow box and added some relays for other controls in this control box

Still ended up with a bunch of wires going everywhere.

Finally have all the wires routed properly and everything seems to be under control. The Shadow control is a nice, tight controller.

While it does not have all the bells and whistles of a fancy controller it has a nice price and for my purposes is more than adequate.

I have already put out several jobs sucessfully with this unit. Now I can start playing with the auto tool changer and the speed control.