This is an image of a electro-mechanical cart that is able to be controlled over the internet. It is being designed and built by myself and my son John W.

it utilizes a Linksys WET54 ethernet bridge for communication and a D-Link DCS-900 for visual reference. Click on the image to enlarge.

This is an image of my new(to me) Shizouka AN-S mill with a Bandit control. I got a real good deal on this but it was too big for my shop.

I ended up building a new shop to house it Click on the image for more info.

Just got this in. Finally got the Shiz working and this shows up at my door. Quite the unit. It is built as a trailer and set up on screw in legs.

The table rolls out for loading and slides back in for cutting. Pretty nice. I needed a plasma unit but had no place to put it and this fills the bill nicely.

It is a Vicon 9000. The Vicon people want $1000 to talk to them but I will be modifing most of it (got the torch moving under Mach2) so they can jump.

Little hot to work on the plasma and I found this. Click on picture for story.

Finally got the DSG going and I end up with this.

I bought the contents of a shop and this Hendey tagged along. It looks good here but it has some problems. Click on pic for the cleanup.

Things were a little slack so I took on this Hyster as a kicker with a bunch of other tooling.